March 5, 2003

MontaVista - McObject Alliance Powers Embedded Linux

Ted Kenney writes "McObject, developer of the eXtremeDB small footprint, in-memory database, has joined with MontaVista Software, leader in the embedded Linux revolution, to offer a powerful Linux-based technology combination for intelligent devices ranging from consumer electronics to carrier-grade communications gear.

Under the alliance, McObject has released eXtremeDB for the MontaVista Linux platform. The two companies will pursue joint marketing and sales initiatives targeted towards device manufacturers to promote the technology advantages and cost savings possible with the powerful McObject-MontaVista combination.

With eXtremeDB, McObject offers a new type of database to meet the unique performance requirements and resource constraints of intelligent, connected devices. With a footprint of 100K or less, eXtremeDB spares RAM and CPU resources while delivering critical data management features.

eXtremeDBs ultra-small footprint and exceptional performance enables device manufacturers to deploy less expensive hardware, providing a key economic benefit through reduction of BOM (Bill of Material) costs. Similarly, by choosing MontaVista Linux tools and platforms, companies gain significant savings over proprietary real-time operating systems (RTOSes). Together, McObject and MontaVista lower development and deployment costs, enhancing customers positioning in the marketplace.

Through a streamlined architecture that stores and works with data in main memory, eXtremeDB outperforms traditional disk-based databases on Linuxin some cases by more than a factor of 1,000. (Benchmark description and results are available from McObject's Web site.)

This responsiveness complements MontaVista-sponsored real-time initiatives, such as the MontaVista Linux Preemptible Kernel and the MontaVista Fixed Overhead / Fixed Priority Scheduler. Performance advantages make the companies products a compelling pairing for demanding applications including telecom equipment, network infrastructure and industrial automation.

To maintain our position at the forefront of embedded Linux, MontaVista seeks partners that can deliver both a business and a technological edge to customers. McObjects unique data management technology is clearly a strong fit. We anticipate an enthusiastic response to eXtremeDB from companies on our growing customer list, said Bill Weinberg, director of strategic marketing, MontaVista Software.

MontaVista is a leader in embedded Linux for telecom and consumer electronics applications. McObjects eXtremeDB, the leading in-memory database for performance, with its tiny footprint and high availability solution, complements MontaVista Linux for these important embedded markets McObject President and CEO Steve Graves said.

For more information on McObject and its alliance with MontaVista Software, see"



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