March 31, 2006

This Month's Globus Consortium Journal

Sharon Smith writes "Linux Heavies Weigh in on Grid / Virtualization Directions

What is it about the Linux operating system that makes it so well-suited for
Grid computing, virtualization and clustering? In today's new release of
the Globus Consortium Journal (, Linux and
Grid professionals answer that question.

Highlights include:

* A year ago, the headlines suggested that Xen had won the Linux
virtualization battle. But has the delay in the Xen patch for Linux kernel
support left the door open for VMWare? The Globus Consortium asks Andrew
Morton, chief maintainer of the Linux kernel at Open Source Development

* Ian Foster catches up with Irving Wladawsky-Berger, VP of Technical
Strategy at IBM, for his latest thoughts on the progress of Grid, and other
emerging technologies that IBM is actively contributing to.

* Carl Drisko -- Service Line Principal at Novell -- explains why Linux is
the most widely used OS for Grids, and discusses the need for more
communication between the Grid and Linux communities.

* Pioneer Donald Becker (now CTO of Penguin Computing) provides some context
on the evolution of Linux clustering technology.

* Adam Fineberg -- Vice President of Engineering at Linux management vendor
Levanta -- describes some of the key technical characteristics that make
Linux so well-suited for clustering, Grids and virtualization.

The Globus Consortium Journal ( is a
discussion forum dedicated to open source Grid computing issues for
enterprise developers and business decision makers. Globus Consortium
members include IBM, Intel, Cisco, HP, Nortel, Sun and Univa."

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