May 14, 2005

Moodle takes ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs to school

Author: Nicole Hansen

Learning one of the world's most ancient languages is about to take a leap from 2005 BC to 2005 AD with the launch of a new Web site, Glyphdoctors, that will offer online courses in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and Egyptology to the general public fascinated with ancient Egypt. Founded by Nicole Hansen, a Ph.D. candidate in Egyptology at the University in Chicago, Glyphdoctors will bring the study of ancient Egypt, until now only available at a handful of elite universities, to a worldwide audience.This technological breakthrough was made possible through the open source course management system Moodle. Hansen chose Moodle because it allowed her to create a dynamic and professional Web site at zero cost and is backed by an active and helpful development community.

Hansen says, "Many people have a lifelong dream of becoming an Egyptologist, but very few realize these dreams. Universities that offer degrees in Egyptology are few and expensive. Through the use of open source to offer online courses in hieroglyphs and Egyptology, I give people around the globe the opportunity to follow their passion for ancient Egypt without leaving home or paying a fortune."

The courses will include many features made possible only through other open source software, such as animated clips showing how to draw hieroglyphs, made with DrawSWF, and online submission and correction of homework with the ability to include hieroglyphic signs directly online, using Wikiheiro.

Courses are currently under development and beta testers are now being recruited through the Glyphdoctors Web site. Egyptophiles are already meeting one another and discussing ancient Egypt in free forums that are available on the site.

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