July 1, 2005

Moonies malign "Open Source"

Anonymous Reader writes "I was in my favorite local diner and picked up a discarded piece of paper, an article print-out from the "Washington Times" that told of the Chinese nuclear threat and Chinese espinonage in the USA, using "open source" technology. This new FUD effort reads, "the Chinese use hundreds of thousands of Chinese visitors, students and other nonprofessional spies to gather valuable data, most of it considered "open source," or unclassified information." How many know the Washington Times is owned and operated by Sun Myung Moon, who owns industries and works with spy agencies from outside the USA? This is truly strange and a double insult: The "Washington Times" has zero to do with Washington and now "Open Source" is the new Chinese nuclear threat?
Someone please give Mr. Stallman a call."

Link: washingtontimes.com


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