March 7, 2001

More than 300 Phone+Web applications created in the Voxeo community

Author: JT Smith

From PR Newswire: Voxeo Corporation, which
manages a nationwide network and web development platform for creating and
deploying Phone+Web applications, today announced that the developers who have
signed up for the Voxeo Community have created more than 300 Phone+Web
applications. Voxeo also announced its Phone+Web Killer Apps contest, which,
in conjunction with the relaunch of the Voxeo Community site
( ), will accelerate the development of innovative,
new Phone+Web applications.

Additionally, Voxeo has upgraded the Voxeo Community website with an
improved account and application management system, a new "Application
Provisioning Wizard" and a new look and feel. New resources at the Voxeo
Community site include tutorials and open source applications for the upcoming
release of Borland Kylix (a new Linux development tool), and Borland JBuilder,
which will also be included in the Companion Tools CD for each product.

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