More Exciting Developments in KDE this Week


KDEThis week is proving to be another interesting one at KDE. Sebastian Kügler posted a demonstration video of KDE Plasma 2 snapshot in action. Lukas Tinkl posted about the new Plasma NM. And, bonus, the best KDE distribution for 2013 has been decided.

It’s getting nearly impossible to keep up with all the activity over in KDE-land these days. But fortunately, many of those involve put in the extra effort to keep users informed. Sebastian Kügler, KDE developer, today posteda video demonstrating the progress of KDE Frameworks 5 and Plasma 2. He said, “The demo video shows the new Plasma shell running, including a panel with the task manager. It shows a demo applet doing some OpenGL tricks. The Kwin window manager and compositor is running in its Qt5 / Frameworks 5 incarnation, and there’s konsole, which has also already been ported to Frameworks 5.” He continued saying, “We are just about to enter a state where the desktop becomes dogfoodable, so we can use it ourselves regularly and find and iron out all kinds of bugs.”


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