November 4, 2009

More Reasons Why Linux Misses The Desktop

Article Source InformationWeek's Open Source Weblog
November 4, 2009, 7:52 am

As my colleague Alex Wolfe noted, Linux hasn't made a dent in the desktop after years in the wild. The climb looks all the steeper now that Windows 7 and new versions of Mac OS X have arrived. I can think of a few other reasons why Linux hasn't achieved more than a fractional marketshare with end users, and they aren't pretty. (I've already donned my asbestos suit.)

Linux's best features are not things that matters to end users. More than anything else, I think, this it. The things that make Linux so, well, Linux-y -- its malleable kernel, its open source development -- don't automatically present anything to an end user that makes them sit up and beg...

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