July 10, 2001

More servers with no added space or power

Author: JT Smith

Loye Matika writes: "Need more servers but out of space or power? The SlotServer is a full function Server on a PCI card. It is now possible to install clusters of SlotServers inside the empty PCI slots of any standard server. The solution provides an integrated network with shared storage and I/O. Each SlotServer can be a WebServer, firewall, proxy server, print server, etc. SlotServers can run Linux, Windows 2K, FreeBSD, even multiple Operating systems in the same box. Each server includes it's own CPU, RAM, IDE, SVGA, USB, and two Ethernet network connections. ( one 10/100 RJ45 and one PCI Bus ) yet they consume only 10 watts of power. Not only do SlotServers save space and power but they save money, they are available now at www.omnicluster.com for only $499."
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