February 17, 2001

More on SSH vs. OpenSSH

Author: JT Smith

LWN.net follows up on the trademark issue. "Two opposed viewpoints are represented in these community exchanges. On one
hand, many people consider Tatu's notes to have been politely worded and are
sympathetic with confusion caused by multiple products containing the word "SSH".
They feel his request for name changes is reasonable and have already moved
forward to suggesting alternatives (SHH, FRESH, ESH, Secure Telnet, ...)

On the other hand, many people don't consider the name change request reasonable,
regardless of the wording (and the politeness of the wording can be argued if you look
at statements like, 'OpenSSH is doing a disservice to the whole Internet security
community by lengthing the life cycle of the fundamentally broken SSH1 protocols.' "


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