July 18, 2002

More wIndependence Day essays

Anonymous Reader writes: "The next installment of wIndependence essays are up at DesktopLinux.com." One essay, 'My Switch to Linux', chronicles his discovery of Linux. From the introduction: '"I first discovered Linux the same way that I found many cool, life-changing things, like my first LPs (King Crimson 'Red' and Black Sabbath 'Paranoid'), Book of the Sub-Genius, and Slackware, left in a shopping mall bathroom. I don't know how or why this happens but it does; I just go with the flow. Anyhow sitting on the air hand dryer was double CD case that had a large 'Bob Dobbs' sticker affixed to the front and a 'Mother Mopar' sticker on the back and 3 CDs. One was unmarked and the other 2 stated 'Slack 4' and 'Slack 7'. Being curious I took the disk set home to play the CDs on my stereo." Winning entries to the site week by week. Read the new essays at DesktopLinux.com."


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