April 10, 2001

Morpho Technologies chooses Red Hat

Author: JT Smith

Red Hat to provide Morpho with GNUpro embedded development tool suite designed
for the m_RISC platform:

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Red Hat to Provide Morpho with GNUpro Embedded Development Tool Suite Designed
for the m_RISC Platform

(Nasdaq:RHAT), the leader in developing, deploying and managing open source solutions,
today announced that it will supply Morpho Technologies with a GNUPro tool suite
compatible with their m_RISC-based reconfigurable DSP (rDSP(tm)) chip. Additionally,
Red Hat will provide support services to all Morpho Technologies customers
developing embedded applications for the m_RISC-based rDSP(tm) platform.

"Red Hat?s GNUPro development suite will provide developers using our reconfigurable
DSP technology the industry-leading tools they require to create a broad-range of
applications specifically optimized for our hardware," said Shahriar Sadri, CEO of
Morpho Technologies, Inc. "Additionally our customers will gain the benefit of Red
Hat?s vast expertise in open source embedded development, and the availability of
support services from one of the most respected open source companies in the world."

Morpho Technologies? rDSP(tm) engine will enable consumers to access numerous multi-
media applications such as voice, video, image and baseband processing in a single,
handheld device. The availability of Red Hat?s GNUPro embedded tool set will give
developers the flexibility to design an enormous range of applications tailored expressly
to the m_RISC-based rDSP(tm) chip, ensuring superior application performance and
extremely low power consumption hardware characteristics. Morpho Technologies
expects to begin IP licensing of its technology and chip shipments in the 1st quarter of

"Our port of the GNUPro tool set to the m_RISC platform demonstrates our continued
commitment to delivering powerful cross-platform tools for the open source embedded
development community," said Michael Tiemann, CTO of Red Hat. "With Morpho
Technologies? reconfigurable DSP hardware and Red Hat?s GNUPro tool suite and
support services, the m_RISC platform will surely propagate a family of cutting edge
Post-PC computing appliances."

About Red Hat, Inc.
Red Hat is the leader in developing, deploying and managing solutions built on the
benefits of an open source platform. These solutions include an open source product
platform for devices to mainframes, a complete end-to-end set of Professional Services,
and the Red Hat Network as the Internet-based backbone for deployment and
management of the products and services. Red Hat?s open source platform includes the
award-winning Red Hat Linux operating system platform, the Interchange e-Commerce
platform, Stronghold Secure Web Server, Credit Card Verification software, High
Availability Server, GNU-based developer toolkit for embedded development and
embedded run-time Linux, eCOS and RedBoot solutions.

Red Hat backs up their open source offerings with end-to-end services that include: Red
Hat Professional Consulting focused on multi-platform infrastructure and engineering
services; Red Hat Engineering services for software development and porting of the
operating system and for embedded platforms and devices; Red Hat Enterprise support
services for installation services and Web and telephone support and Red Hat Learning
services for Linux certification (RHCE) and courses for Apache, Embedded systems,
Advanced Developer and e-Commerce. Red Hat Network provides Red Hat?s unique
managed services capability to deploy and manage open source products, services,
support and management information on-line in real-time to more cost effectively and
reliably maintain open source-based solutions.

Red Hat is headquartered in Research Triangle Park, N.C. and has offices worldwide.
Please visit Red Hat on the Web at www.redhat.com. For investor inquiries, contact
Gabriel Szulik at Red Hat, 919-547-0012.

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