July 24, 2001

Mosix 1.1.0 for Linux 2.4.7

Author: JT Smith

The latest version of MOSIX for the latest version of the Linux kernel is now available for download. MOSIX is a collection of software packages that enhance the Linux kernel, and enable scalable cluster computing for that operating system. Complete information available at mosix.org. Changelog below:
MOSIX 1.1.0 for Linux 2.4.7 (July 23, 2001)

     Upgrade to Linux 2.4.7 
     Fixed the "file-leak" 
     Fixed a "umask" bug in DFSA 
     Support new option (as in 2.2) to be able to "select" when other processes attempt to read a pipe 
     Fixed several drivers that did not behave well with MOSIX 


  • Linux
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