August 31, 2001

Mosix 1.3.0 for kernel 2.4.9 released

Author: JT Smith

Moshe Bar writes: "Hi everybody.
We just released Mosix 1.3.0 for kernel 2.4.9 (and yes, I know 2.4.10 is going to be out soon, but this is a never-ending game :-)."

  - Upgrade to Linux 2.4.9
  - Changed the ``OOB'' algorithm
  - Removed diagnostic messages regarding ``OOB''
  - Recursion in MFS is no longer allowed,
     except for symbolic-links that satisfy strict criteria
  - Fixed an MFS/NFS combination bug
  - Fixed a bug in the MOSIX shut-down
  - Fixed the DRM driver
  - Fixed several SMP locking race-conditions
  - Fixed access to /proc/mosix/admin/mfscosts
  - Optimized "memsort" to consume less CPU time

Note: DO NOT mix nodes with MOSIX 1.3 with any previous MOSIX release
      in the same cluster. 

Report any bugs to the bugs mailing list as usual. Go get the patch,
as usual, from r.gz

And once more: For compilation, use MAKE version 3.77 or higher;
GCC version 2.91.66 (or egcs 1.1.2); and BINUTILS version
or higher. 


Moshe Bar
The Mosix Team"


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