June 14, 2001

Motorola and Nextel announce winner of developer challenge

Author: JT Smith

(NYSE: MOT) and Nextel Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq: NXTL) today
announced the winners of the Motorola/Nextel Developer Challenge.
The contest challenged software developers to create innovative
applications for Java(TM)2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME(TM))
technology-enabled handsets by Motorola that operate on the Nextel
National Network and other iDEN networks. More than sixty
developers competed to win the grand prize of a BMW Z3 2.5i
roadster and Motorola i85s phones with Nextel wireless voice and
data service."
David Fox, a 28-year-old independent programmer from Brooklyn, New 
                     York created Home Monitor, the winning application. This network- 
                     aware application enables the Motorola i85s or i50sx wireless 
                     phone to control home or office air conditioning and lighting 
                     settings remotely, and to conduct remote surveillance of rooms 
                     through web cams by streaming video directly to the handset. Eric 
                     Brooks of Motorola and Ben Ho of Nextel presented the prizes in an 
                     awards ceremony at San Francisco's Metreon on Wednesday evening, 
                     June 6. 

                     "As an application developer, I'm inspired by the possibilities 
                     these J2ME technology-enabled handsets from Motorola are creating 
                     for people everywhere," said David Fox. "The tools provided to 
                     developers helped me approach the challenge from the perspective 
                     of the user looking to get more information and control through 
                     the phone." 

                     The second-place winner, Dan Adamson of San Francisco, created an 
                     international dictionary and spell check application and received 
                     a pair of Motorola i85s wireless phones with one year of service 
                     from Nextel and a portable DVD player. 

                     The third-place winner, Anthony Oganesian of Los Angeles, created 
                     an application that allows users to input personal health 
                     information, including diet and exercise, to their wireless phones 
                     and subsequently monitor personal progress. He received a pair of 
                     Motorola i85s phones and one year of service from Nextel. 

                     Developers participating in the contest, held June 4-6, during Sun 
                     Microsystems' annual JavaOne(SM) Developer Conference, had the 
                     opportunity to take advantage of free development tools, including 
                     software developer kits (SDKs), integrated development 
                     environments (IDEs), a phone emulator, and personalized on-site 
                     technical support. Each contestant had six hours to develop an 
                     application to run on the Motorola i50sx handset. 

                     "Now that Motorola handsets with J2ME technology are commercially 
                     available, we expect to see the development of many more 
                     compelling applications," said Bill Werner, corporate vice 
                     president of Motorola and general manager of the company's iDEN 
                     Subscriber Group. "The judges reviewed the entries and selected 
                     the Home Monitor application because it delivered most creatively 
                     and effectively on J2ME's promise of providing wireless users with 
                     more information and control than they've ever had before." 

                     "This contest proves that Java developers can quickly create 
                     incredible applications that people can access from a wireless 
                     phone to make their business and personal lives more productive," 
                     said Greg Santoro, vice president of Internet and Wireless 
                     Services for Nextel. "When combined with Nextel's nationwide, 
                     Internet Protocol (IP) based, packet data network, Java 
                     applications bring real life solutions to workers in the mobile 
                     environment through a wireless device." 

                     The source code for the winners' applications will be posted on 
                     the Motorola developer website at www.motorola.com/idendev . 

                     Developer Support Programs 

                     Motorola's iDEN developer support program provides developers with 
                     virtually everything they need to develop, deploy and 
                     commercialize their applications for J2ME technology-enabled iDEN 
                     handsets from Motorola, including tools, technical support, 
                     marketing, and distribution. There are currently more than 10,000 
                     registered developers in the program. For more information or to 
                     obtain a free CD-ROM, visit www.motorola.com/idendev . 

                     The Motorola Applications Global NETwork (MAGNET) program supports 
                     the development and commercialization of wireless applications by 
                     providing software application developers with the necessary 
                     tools, training, resources and services to bring solutions to a 
                     market-ready status. For information on free MAGNET membership, 
                     please visit our web site at www.motorola.com/developers/wireless 

                     The Nextel Developer Program facilitates the development of third 
                     party Java, WAP (wireless application protocol) and SMS (short 
                     message service) applications for the Nextel platform. Over 2,000 
                     developers have registered to develop wireless applications for 
                     vertical, horizontal and corporate markets, including such 
                     industries as transportation and delivery, financial services, and 
                     building and construction. The program offers significant joint 
                     sales and marketing opportunities for developers with products 
                     that complement Nextel's strategic direction. At the end of Q1 
                     2001, Nextel had approximately 7.2 million domestic subscribers, 
                     with 1.1 million of its customers having signed up for data 
                     services. Developers interested in participating in the Nextel 
                     Developer program should visit http://developer.nextel.com . 

                     About Motorola and iDEN 

                     Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) is a global leader in providing 
                     integrated communications and embedded electronic solutions. Sales 
                     in 2000 were $37.6 billion. For more information visit 
                     www.motorola.com . 

                     iDEN handsets combine the capabilities of digital wireless phone 
                     with "always on" Internet access, text messager, and two-way radio 
                     to enable users to instantly communicate with one or hundreds of 
                     individuals at the push of a button. For further information on 
                     iDEN handsets, visit www.motorola.com/iden . 

                     About Nextel 

                     Nextel Communications Inc., based in Reston, Va., is the leading 
                     provider of fully integrated wireless communications services and 
                     has built the largest guaranteed all-digital wireless network in 
                     the United States covering thousands of communities across the 
                     United States. Nextel and Nextel Partners, Inc., currently serve 
                     185 of the top 200 U.S. markets. Through recent market launches, 
                     Nextel and Nextel Partners' service is available today in areas of 
                     the U.S. where approximately 220 million people live or work. For 
                     more information, visit www.nextel.com . 

                     MOTOROLA, the Stylized M Logo and all other trademarks indicated 
                     as such herein are trademarks of Motorola, Inc. (R) Reg. U.S. Pat. 
                     & Tm. Off. Java, J2ME and JavaOne are trademarks or registered 
                     trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the U.S. and other 
                     countries. All other product or service names are the property of 
                     their respective owners. Nextel is a trademark of Nextel 
                     Communications, Inc. 

                     SOURCE Motorola 

                     CONTACT: David Kurt of Motorola, 847-538-3113, 
                     david.kurt@motorola.com ; or Audrey Schaefer of Nextel, 240-876- 
                     1588, audrey.schaefer@nextel.com / 
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