August 22, 2010

Motorola Milestone to get Android 2.2 in Europe and Korea in Q4, Dext 2.1 upgrade looking bleak

Until now, Milestone owners could do nothing but to envy Droid users rocking the Froyo upgrade; however, according to Motorola's recently published timeline, the former device is now slated for the same dessert party in Europe and Korea in Q4 -- potentially a few weeks later than its American cousin. Meanwhile, said upgrade is "under evaluation" for Canada, Latin America, Mexico and Asia-Pacific sans Korea.

But here's the real heartbreaking news from the same chart: unlike their American counterparts, the Dext and Backflip will not be getting an Eclair update in Europe, Latin American and Mexico, while Canada and Asia-Pacific still have a glimpse of hope. Sure, it's not like Motorola's earlier timeline laid any concrete details for the European Dext, but there was definitely a date for the Latin America flavor. What concerns us the most is that Motorola did make a promise -- which has since been deleted but cached by Google -- to its European fans on Facebook: "[the] Dext will get the Android 2.1 upgrade as well." We have the full statement after the break.

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