January 15, 2001

Motorola to offer online project hosting

Author: JT Smith

SCHAUMBURG, Ill. and BRISBANE, Calif., January 15, 2001- Motorola (NYSE: MOT) today announced an alliance with CollabNet(tm) to provide free web-based project hosting, a collaboration environment, and code storage as part of the Motorola iDEN Subscriber Group's comprehensive developers' support program (www.motorola.com/idendev). CollabNet is a leading provider of collaborative software development solutions based on Open Source concepts.CollabNet will provide a comprehensive development environment that enables geographically dispersed groups of developers to collaborate on software projects at no cost. It is based on CollabNet's SourceCastSM platform, which provides the infrastructure for the site and includes tools for issue tracking, mailing list management, revision control, discussion forums, surveys, and news and information. In addition, SourceCast provides the flexibility and security needed to support both proprietary and Open Source software development projects.

The iDEN developer support program has been established to facilitate the development of applications for Motorola's Java(tm) 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) technology-enabled multiple communications and computing handsets, which are expected to be available in the first half of this year through iDEN network operators including Nextel Communications and Southern LINC in the United States and TELUS Mobility/Clearnet Communications in Canada. The program provides virtually everything developers need to build applications and get them to market, including tools, technical support, marketing, distribution, e-commerce backend processing and end user support.

"Motorola and CollabNet are facilitating the application development process by offering a complete platform for global, collaborative development," said Bill Werner, corporate vice president of Motorola and general manager of the company's iDEN Subscriber Group. "By supporting Open Source principles, this program encourages developers to work together on projects and leverage one another's creativity, regardless of their location."

Motorola and CollabNet are working together to establish a community of developers around the collaborative environment. CollabNet is hosting and managing the environment, which serves as the coordination point for the creation and testing of J2ME technology-based applications. Developers can create web-based projects by first registering at www.motorola.com/idendev at no cost. Thereafter, they simply login to "My Service Center" and click on "My WebSpace".

"Motorola turned to CollabNet for its expertise in building collaborative environments for developer communities based on Open Source principles," said Bill Portelli, president and CEO of CollabNet. "This is a key example of how developers can benefit from using the concepts of Open Source development."

About Motorola and iDEN

Motorola, Inc. (NYSE:MOT) is a global leader in providing integrated communications and embedded electronic solutions. Sales in 2000 were $37.6 billion.

iDEN handsets allow users to place telephone calls, connect to the Internet, send text messages, send and receive e-mail, and share information instantly with one or hundreds of individuals with the push of a button. For further information on iDEN handsets, visit www.motorola.com/iden.

Motorola's iDEN developer support program provides developers with virtually everything they need to develop applications for Motorola's J2ME technology-enabled iDEN handsets, including tools, technical support, marketing, and distribution. For more information or to obtain a free developers' toolkit on CD-ROM, visit www.motorola.com/idendev.*

About Motorola's MAGNET Program

The Motorola Applications Global NETwork (MAGNET) program supports the development and commercialization of wireless applications by providing software application developers with the necessary tools, training, resources and services to bring solutions to a market-ready status. For information on free MAGNET membership, please visit our web site at www.motorola.com/developers/wireless.

About CollabNet

CollabNet provides companies with tools and services for collaborative software development by combining Open Source community expertise with business excellence. CollabNet's offerings include a developer marketplace, a collaborative development platform with lifecycle management capabilities, and consulting services to facilitate software development across a worldwide community. CollabNet is currently working with customers ranging from Application Service Providers (ASPs) to Internet firms, hardware and software providers to companies from industries such as finance and healthcare. Brian Behlendorf, co-founder of the Apache Software Foundation, founded CollabNet in July 1999. For more information, visit www.collab.net.

* Due to legal restrictions on exporting software, the CD-ROM may only be shipped to U.S. addresses. However, the majority of the materials on the CD-ROM are available for downloading from the web site.

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