August 11, 2010

Motorola's dev site details Android-powered Ming A1680


We've always been fans of the odd form factor espoused by Motorola's longstanding Ming series of devices in China -- a form factor seen only briefly in the US with Verizon's Krave -- and now that Moto's made the leap to Android across its global smartphone lineup, it makes sense to move the MING from custom-cooked Linux to Android, too. The A1680 has been floating around in the wild since back in April of this year, but Motorola's MOTDEV site for developers has now spilled the beans on all the crucial specs. Strangely, there are some basics missing like proximity and ambient light sensors -- usually must-haves for touchscreen devices -- and the 624MHz PXA935 core should doom it to the lower end of the performance spectrum, but at least it can scale up to 32GB of add-on storage and you've got a WVGA display at your disposal. Hey, Moto, if you're listening: we still think this kind of design is pretty cool, in the odd chance you're game to give Westerners another shot at it.

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