March 8, 2004

Moving Linux to the desktop

Increasingly, businesses, government entities and schools are starting to look beyond Windows, which IDC says securely dominates the desktop market
with a 94% market share. Instead they're considering running Linux as their client operating environment. But the move is a slow one.

While organizations see big cost savings in casting off proprietary licensing fees, many challenges remain, including the lack of application support
and a reluctance within companies to move from an established operating system to one that is unfamiliar.

An SG Cowen survey of more than 500 North American companies last year found that of the 80% of respondents that were using Linux, only 15% were using
it on the desktop.

"While that may sound healthy, it represents less than 5% of the PCs across the whole survey base, and less than 0.5% of the PCs among larger
organizations," the report says.



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