June 22, 2001

Mozilla 0.9.2 set for 25 June release

Author: JT Smith

Is Mozilla 0.9.2 coming soon? MozillaQuest Magazine (mozillaquest.com) reports: June brings minor, yet somewhat chaotic changes to the Mozilla development Roadmap and Milestone Plan . One Mozilla Organization document shows the Mozilla Milestone 0.9.2 release set for June 31 (sic), 2001. Yet another Mozilla Organization document shows Mozilla 0.9.2 release set for June 25, 2001. Please see Tables 1 and 2.

Although the Mozilla Organization´s Mozilla Development Roadmap document shows that Mozilla 0.9.2 will be released on 25 June 2001, it is doubtful that Mozilla 0.9.2 will be released then -- unless the Mozilla developers intend to release a very buggy milestone.
At publication time, there are some 295 bugs targeted to Mozilla 0.9.2. Additionally there are some 998 bugs targeted to Milestone 0.9.3 and 1,541 bugs targeted to Mozilla 1.0. That´s a total of 2,836 bugs targeted to these three releases.


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