April 16, 2002

Mozilla 1.0-RC1 sneak preview

Grab a sneak preview of Mozilla 1.0 - RC1! MozillaQuest Magazine (MozillaQuest.com) reports: "the Lizard's first release candidate. Mozilla 1.0-RC1 is not quite ready to ship yet. However, MozillaQuest Magazine snuck a peak at some Mozilla 1.0-RC1 ... builds that should be pretty close to the final 1.0-RC1 release build. Among the most notable features of the Mozilla browser-suite are its (a) custom skins or themes, (b) customizable sidebar panel, (c) browser-window tabs, (d) a nice rendering/layout engine, and (e) Web-page display standards compliance. On the downside Mozilla 1.0-RC1 is very buggy, including more than 500 crash bugs ... The Mozilla browser-suite lacks some important features such as a spell-checker for its e-mail, news, and Composer modules editor. Overall performance in Mozilla 1.0-RC1 branch builds so far seems decent -- particularly on faster machines. Check this MozillaQuest.com story for pictures, details, links, and full story!
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