Mozilla 1.0 on the way: Milestone 1.0-RC1 branch

Submitted by MozillaQuest: Mozilla 1.0 is on its way! MozillaQuest Magazine ( reports: “The Silicon Valley Lizard is almost on the final stretch of its long journey to Mozilla 1.0. But first, it must take a detour not in the Mozilla Development Roadmap. That detour is at least one release candidate (RC) milestone, if not more RCs before the long overdue and elusive Mozilla 1.0 release. . . . As we go to press, the Mozilla 1.0-RC1 milestone edition is being branched from the Mozilla CVS . . .development tree trunk. The good news of course is that finally . . . there will be a Mozilla 1.0 soon. However, some in the Mozilla community question whether the state of Mozilla is such that Mozilla 1.0 should be released in April 2002. Two major concerns are that there are too many open bugs and that Mozilla lacks some essential features. . . . Check this story for pictures, details, links, and full story.


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