October 31, 2001

Mozilla Developer Day - November 9

Author: JT Smith

Mitchell Baker sent us this announcement: "Mozilla.org will host a developer day at the Netscape campus in Mountain
View on November 9, 2001. We've scheduled sessions aimed at both JavaScript developers (Developing
Applications using XUL and JavaScript, an XBL overview) and those
interested in Mozilla's core capabilities (XPCOM, embedding,
networking).Brendan Eich will lead a discussion of where we're heading
with Mozilla 1.0. We started this discussion at the O'Reilly Open Source
Conference in July, now it's time for an update. We'll also launch a
Business Forum, with a focus on project management, and have some cool

See http://mozilla.org/events/developer-day.html for the session
schedule and information on *how to RSVP*. Registration fees will be
very low (as in $15-25). Just enough to cover expenses."

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