December 23, 2005

Mozilla: the development platform...

Anonymous Reader writes "This article compares two development platforms: Java and Mozilla. The object of this comparison is not to establish which one is best, but rather to measure the maturity, the advantages, and the disadvantages of Mozilla as a platform from the point of view of a Java programmer (as I am). Such a comparison is not a speculative exercise but it is the result of a process of technology scouting that I have performed during the last months with the objective being to find more effective tools, languages, and patterns for the development of distributed, pervasive, and location-aware internet applications. The article briefly introduces Java and Mozilla, and then points to similarities and differences. A detailed analysis of some important programming domains such as GUI, multitasking, remote applications, community process, and development tools are presented together with a comparison of functionalities provided by the respective API."

Link: Free Software Magazine

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