March 15, 2001

Mozilla Milestone 0.8.1 release expected next week

Author: JT Smith

From Look for a new Milestone release of the Mozilla browser suite, Mozilla 0.8.1, next week if all goes well. The March revision of the Mozilla Project Development Roadmap lists Mozilla 0.8.1 release for 19 March 2001 -- that's Monday, next week.

The Mozilla development tree was frozen yesterday right on the newly revised Roadmap schedule. Earlier this month, the Mozilla Organization added Milestone 0.8.1 as an additional release to its Mozilla Development Roadmap and release schedule.

Milestone 0.8.1 was added in between the recent 0.8 release and the upcoming 0.9 Milestone. It replaces and pushes-back the Mozilla 0.9 release date in the Roadmap schedule. That in turn pushes back the Mozilla 1.0 release date.


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