August 3, 2001

Mozilla milestone 0.9.3 browser released

Author: JT Smith

The unknown submitter writes: Mozilla 0.9.3 released! MozillaQuest has the down-load links and release-notes info. MozillaQuest Magazine ( reports: "The Mozilla Organization released a very buggy Milestone Mozilla 0.9.3 edition of its Mozilla browser-suite overnight. The Mozilla Milestone 0.9.3 browser-suite is cross-platform and open source. Builds are available for the BSD, Linux, Macintosh, Microsoft Windows, OS/2, Sun, and several UNIX platforms. Source code is available if you want to custom compile your own Mozilla Milestone 0.9.2 build.´

"Mostly, the changes in this pre-1.0 edition of the Mozilla browser-suite are behind-the-scenes improvements in performance and stability. There are also lots of bug fixes in Mozilla 0.9.3. However, there still are many unfixed bugs in Mozilla too."


  • Open Source
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