Mozilla organization adds milestones to development roadmap and release schedule


Author: JT Smith

The latest Mozilla tree management diagram shows plans for several, additional, pre-1.0, Mozilla browser-suite releases. That pushes the Mozilla 1.0 expected shipping date to the end of Q3 2001 at the earliest.The Mozilla browser-suite is the basic, prototype, Mozilla-based application upon which other browsers, such as Netscape 6 and the upcoming new NeoPlanet browser, are built.

This new tree management diagram indicates at least three 0.9.x Milestone releases before Mozilla 1.0 ships. We added our estimated timelines for the 0.9.1, 0.9.2, 0.9.3, and 1.0 releases to project Milestone and final Mozilla event and release dates. These estimates are based upon a 5-week release cycle, which is the current release-scheduling plan.

That makes 6 September 2001 the earliest, Mozilla 1.0, final release date if all goes well. If not, look for a Mozilla 0.9.4 release at that time rather than Mozilla 1.0.


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