August 11, 2006

Mozilla SeaMonkey 1.0.4

Start64! - Start on 64 writes "From now on, Mozilla Foundation will not release any new versions of Mozilla Suite, rather they will focus on Firefox and Thunderbird instead. This resulted in the establishment of a new community project, called SeaMonkey. This project released the latest version which supports several platforms, including 32- and 64-bit Linux operating systems. The new version includes a lot of bugfixes and some new features have also been introduced.

The name SeaMonkey is not new. This has been the internal codename of Mozilla application before, so developers already know this name. Mozilla Foundation provides no official support for SeaMonkey project, however, the relation is still tight between Mozilla and SeaMonkey. Any new features introduced in the SeaMonkey project will also be implemented in the Mozilla source code, therefore Firefox and Thunderbird can also benefit from them.

Start64! - Start on 64


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