January 2, 2013

Mozilla to Sharpen Its Focus on Open Gaming in 2013

3294844545_eda47c85a3_o.jpgHere on the first day of 2013, it's already very clear that this year will be a banner year for open source gaming, what with players like Valve and Ouya poised to deliver game platforms based on open source tools. Mobile phones and tablets have also become havens for games, though, (think of Angry Birds) and it's clear that Mozilla wants to woo game developers for its upcoming Firefox OS mobile operating system.

In late December, Mozilla held its Game On competition, which invited hackers to contribute their best ideas to new games designed to work on any device, anywhere. Mozilla has also launched a mailing list dedicated to community games.

"Come show us what's possible using the web as an open gaming platform and create game prototypes for the Mozilla Game On Competition," said the Game On announcement. The only rule for the competition was that games had to be built to run in modern browsers...Read more at Ostatic

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