June 14, 2003

Mozilla on speed: Firebird 0.6

Adam Doxtater writes "We normally don't review web browsers, but what better topic for discussion is there? Most of us use browsers every day of our lives and, if you're like me, rely on them to do your job...

Personally, I use Mozilla for 98% of my work and play. It blows all other browsers away in stability and features if you ask me. Opera is the only one that comes close to Mozilla in speed and features, but it seems too bulky to me for some reason. Konqueror is a good browser that has come a long way recently in the advancement department and is one to watch in the future. Galeon (built on Mozilla framework) has some nice features, but overall is a very mediocre browser in my opinion compared to its parent. Netscape is just too AOL for me, and Internet Explorer is one of the poorest excuses for a browser I've ever used.

Mozilla just fit the bill... until now, that is.

Link: http://www.madpenguin.org


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