April 17, 2013

Mozilla Is Talking Firefox OS, and the First Five Countries to Get It

As I noted yesterday, Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs (who will be leaving his CEO post this year) made very clear in comments at the All Things D: Dive Into Mobile conference that Mozilla has very ambitious plans for its new Firefox OS mobile operating system. Specifically, he sees it as an innovation-centric platform. As quoted by ABC News, Kovacs said, "We haven’t done a great job [on mobile browsing]. I’m expecting someone will do an Apple on the whole browsing experience." 

Some of the best reporting on Kovacs' thoughts at the conference have come from All Things D. In particular, this post notes the first five countries that Firefox OS will debut in in June: Venezuela, Poland, Brazil, Portugal and Spain. That's right, Firefox OS won't even hit U.S. shores until 2014.a2.imga2t.img

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