November 21, 2001 releases Mozilla 0.9.6

Author: JT Smith

On November 20, 2001 made available for download binaries of
the Mozilla 0.9.6 Milestone. The builds and release notes are available
at New to this milestone are fixes
for about 1,600 bugs including:
* Mozilla now displays page icons in the url bar (Expect support for 
shortcut icons (aka favicon) in Mozilla 0.9.7). Page icons can be 
defined in the html head section of a document like so:

    LINK REL="icon" HREF="images/mozilla-16.png" TYPE="image/png"
    LINK REL="SHORTCUT ICON" HREF="/images/global/branding/dellecomicon.ico"

* Mozilla can now display Windows .BMP and .ICO images on all platforms.
* Print Preview has been implemented.
* Macintosh Page Setup has been implemented.
* Mail message "labels" support has been implemented.
* Mail "prefill mail filter" support has been implemented.
* The new Search for item on the context menu lets you search for any 
text you highlight on a web page.
          * Select some text in browser window.
          * Right click in the browser window and a context menu will 
pop up.
          * Choose the Search for item and Mozilla will search for the 
highlighted text at your default engine.


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