February 21, 2002

MozillaQuest Magazine 2001 Editor's Choice hardware picks

Author: JT Smith

MozillaQuest Magazine (MozillaQuest.com) has listed its year 2001 Editor's Choice hardware picks. Factors included in the Editor's Choice selection process were: (a) multi-platform functionality, (b) innovation, (c) usefulness, (d) ease-of-installation/configuration, (e) ease-of-use, (f) bang-for-the-buck, and (g) we like the product well enough to use it. MozillaQuest Magazine Editor, Mike Angelo, said "multi-platform functionality for computer hardware is a particularly important factor for us in deciding which computer hardware products to review. So it's only natural that we would give multi-platform functionality much weight in making our hardware Editor's Choice picks. A computer user should not find himself or herself tied to a specific platform or operating system because the hardware does not support at least the two major PC operating systems, Linux and Microsoft Windows." Check this MozillaQuest.com story for pictures, details, links, and full story!


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