November 14, 2001

MozillaQuest says Mozilla 1.0 launch date "eroding"

Author: JT Smith

MozillaQuest Magazine ( reports: ". . . more potholes in the road to the never-ready Mozilla 1.0 browser-suite and . . . application-programming framework. The elusive and mystical Mozilla 1.0 launch date continues to erode. And the Mozilla bug counts are getting worse, not better. . . . Mozilla 0.9.8 and Mozilla 0.9.9, have been tacked on to the Mozilla landscape. In effect, that pushes the . . . Mozilla 1.0 release date from January 2002 (Q1) to April 2002 (Q2) . . . This development plan revision appears to be an effort and attempt to bring Mozilla´s escalating bug problems and 1.0 schedule slippage under control. Whether it will work is another question . . . The good news is . . . The Mozilla Organization now has set some definite, realistic, schedule and timeline goals for finalizing Mozilla 1.0. It has made those goals clear and public with no more of the evasive, uncertain, and wishy-washy "when it´s ready" crap." Check this story for details & links.


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