August 2, 2001 Mozilla 0.9.3 browser branched and buggy

Author: JT Smith 9-3_branched-01_Story01.html
MozillaQuest Magazine ( reports: "With more than 60 bugs still targeted to it, the upcoming Mozilla Milestone 0.9.3 edition was branched overnight from the main development-tree trunk -- behind schedule. Moreover, at the time of its branching Mozilla Milestone 0.9.3 had nearly 3,000 bugs by conservative estimates and some 14,000 bugs by less conservative estimates.´

"in many cases the bugs are merely swept under the carpet by being re-targeted to later Mozilla editions rather than being fixed. This sweeping bugs under the rug practice is in part why there now are so many bugs in Mozilla and Netscape 6.1."

"The ultimate success or failure of a program is measured by user acceptance. If the overall user experience is a good one and the bugs do not interfere with the user experience, then even somewhat buggy software can be useful and usable. . . .Despite all the many bugs in Mozilla, the overall user experience generally is a good one. Mozilla is usable"


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