January 13, 2004

Mpthrill.com announce support for Linux

Dana Ann writes ""Mpthrill.com have announced that Version 1.0 of it's MPT-MNG Pro Broadband Provisioning and Management System supports the Linux operating system." Using this low cost environment will allow small cable companies / MSO to use QoS and full provisioning functions in their networks.

More and more broadband service providers are choosing Linux servers as part of their Internet Services platform. The system, MPT-MNG Pro, uses open-source software such as The Apache web server, MySQL database and PHP Programming language. We are pleased to formally announce that Linux is supported by MPT-MNG Pro 1.0, and to reaffirm our support for the Linux platform," said Shay Hugi, Chief Technology Officer, Mpthrill.com Software Industries Inc. "We have been working with Linux for over a year and a half and on-going support and enhancements for Linux based systems are a fundamental part of our product roadmap." Deployments of MPT-MNG Pro that utilize Linux are already underway. According to Tim Gent, Senior Network Administrator for System Industrial LTD, New York, "We've recently launched servers in a remote location using the Linux platform in conjunction with MPT-MNG Pro. Provisioning of email, web and DHCP services on these machines has been accomplished seamlessly. We've been very pleased with the
overall performance of MPT-MNG Pro." Mr. Hugi commented: "We will continue to use open-source software to create cost effective systems for companies that can't afford Proprietary based environment."


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