January 2, 2004

MS gains one up on Linux

GOA: It's the open source versus proprietary software duel again. But for the time being, Microsoft seems to have moved the cheese that IBM was aiming
for. While the IBM has submitted a comprehensive proposal to participate in the Goa government's Cyberage Student Scheme, the state government has
decided to go ahead with Microsoft products for the PCs that it plans to distribute under this scheme.

IBM had offered a number of services and facilities in Open Source including setting up of first of its kind Linux competency lab in Goa. Though IBM
sources expressed confidence of going ahead with their plans of setting up a Linux help desk in the state with or without state government's support,
the state government is yet to take any decision on the IBM's proposals.

Supporters of Open Source argue that besides supporting Goa government's e-governance Open Source initiatives, the lab would help the IT industry in
Goa and other states and researchers to get their products tested and certified.

Link: ciol.com


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