September 28, 2001

MS spinmeisters invent huge demand for WinXP

Author: JT Smith

The Register: "One month to go and customers can't wait for Windows XP! Thanks Microsoft for letting us - the
public - have a try before we buy!" So shrieks the latest excitable press release from the Microsoft UK
spinmeisters at Augusto Ne. "Thousands of people," it says here, "both technical as well as those
who wanted to get a look at the latest home PC operating system from Microsoft, who have signed
up to the Windows XP preview programme have been posting their comments up on the MSN user
group site over the past couple of weeks - and the good news is, they like it."

This, you'll probably agree with the cynics at The Reg, sounds like a very strange user group.
Thousands of them? All fired-up and raring to go? Positive comments? Absolutely no embittered
abuse about Bill and his merry men? This has got to be the Stepford New Group, and we've got to
take a look."

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