April 3, 2001

MSIE security worsens: patch bungled

Author: JT Smith

Slashdotters: "mansoft was one of several to send us a followup to last week's story about the massive
MSIE/Outlook security hole. He points us to this Wired news article: 'Your computer may not be
protected against a recently discovered and dangerous security hole -- despite all claims to the
contrary from Microsoft.' Ack! If you tried the patch and got the message, 'This update does not
need to be installed on this system,' you need to upgrade your IE and re-patch. I'm amazed at how poorly this has been
handled. I'll be even more amazed if there is no fallout. If Melissa or ILOVEYOU had been able to install backdoors as
they spread, that would have really, really sucked."


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