February 27, 2002

Music site Morpheus locks out users

Author: JT Smith

C|Net notes that "StreamCast Networks' Morpheus -- a file-swapping service that many have said would be impossible for courts to shut down -- shut out most of its users Tuesday, citing 'technical problems.' " The article says Morpheus may consider a change to the Open Source Gnutella protocol. "Moving Morpheus users to a Gnutella-based network could also prove technically difficult. The open-source Gnutella technology has had difficulties with large numbers of visitors in the past and has stumbled when heavy use overloaded the network ...
Gnutella software was one benefit of the Morpheus outage, however. According to statistics kept by Limewire, a distributor of Gnutella software, the number of people using Gnutella at the same time jumped by well over 50 percent, to more than 100,000 people, by the end of the day Tuesday."
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