June 3, 2014

My Name is Brian and I Build Supercomputers in My Spare Time

When we saw pictures of Brianâs cluster we were impressed and when we shared these with the community, it became apparent that we were not the only ones! It didnât take long before curiosity got the better of me and I decided to get in touch with Brian to find out moreâ¦

Hi Brian, can you tell me about the Parallella cluster you are building.

Iâm building a low-power general purpose compute cluster. I want it to be able to take advantage of standard distributed system packages so that thereâs a familiar developer model. The Parallella boards are great for computation but since they have relatively limited storage and memory, I added two Intel NUCs. Each NUC has 1x Intel i3, 16GB RAM, 120GB SSD, 802.11ac WiFi and are also pretty low-power.

Read more at Parallella's blog.

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