February 6, 2006

MyDNSConfig 1.0.0 released: DNS Control Panel

Author: Falko Timme

Falko Timme writes "MyDNSConfig is a free web-interface written in PHP that allows to administrate/create/delete DNS records easily. All data is stored in a MySQL database, and this MySQL database is used by the MyDNS name server to retrieve the DNS records which means: no zone files, no server reloads.

The software lets you manage the following record types:

  • A records
  • ALIAS records
  • CNAME records
  • HINFO records
  • MX records
  • NS records
  • PTR records (for reverse lookups)
  • RP records
  • SRV records
  • TXT records (and therefore also SPF records)

MyDNSConfig has just been initially released in version 1.0.0 under a BSD license and is maintained by the ISPConfig (http://www.ispconfig.org) development team.

The release of the software is accompanied by a HowtoForge tutorial that describes how to install and configure the MyDNS nameserver and MyDNSConfig: http://www.howtoforge.com/mydns_name_server

MyDNSConfig can be downloaded from http://www.mydnsconfig.org."

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