April 1, 2005

MyFireGreSql 1.0 - united open source databases

mAriuZ writes "Today a new project is announced that many oss developers had been awaiting

MyFireGreSql 1.0
will be the new base code for mysql 6.0, firebird 3.0,postgresql 9.0
We needed a big shake up in open source database world and working on the common code base have it's
advantages: Firebird and Postresql could borrow from mysql's speed, mysql can use MVCC for it's
transactions engine from postgresql or firebird's one .
SQL2003 will be implemented in all three engines now that is published as standard. So why working on a three SQL2003 implementations when we could work only on one? The project's model is linux kernel where vendors are using only one source code for their distributions (patched properly) but there is only one organisation for working on the kernel osdl."

Link: firebirdnews.blogspot.com

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