October 8, 2001

MyLinux Pocket Linux Workstation introduced

Author: JT Smith

The MyLinux Pocket Linux Workstation Project, a 100% Open Source
Project sponsored by Arizona Cooperative Power, LLC, is accepting Advanced
Purchase Orders for its Wide Beta Version MyLinux Pocket Linux Workstation
(PLW). The PLW is a 100% Open Source, custom embedded Linux platform that
is small enough to fit in your pocket and yet powerful enough to serve as
your workstation. The Wide Beta Version of the MyLinux PLW is priced at
$699.00 USD--based on the unique pricing model of COST + $20.00 USD. The
Advance Purchase Order form> (PDF) is available at the Arizona
Cooperative Power
web site.
MyLinux(tm) Pocket Linux Workstation Features

Choice of 133, 166 or 200MHz Hitachi 32-bit SuperH RISC Engine CPU
64 or 128 Megabytes of Micron PC-133 SDRAM
32 or 64 Megabytes of Intel StrataFlash (configured as both system & user
PCMCIA Type II Slots (Ethernet/802.11b/CCD Camera/Modem/Hard Disk/Memory
Card/etc.) Also Accepts 1 Type III or 2 Type I
CompactFlash Slot
(Memory Card/IBM MicroDrive/etc.) USB Port (Keyboard/Hub/Mouse/PC/etc.)
RS-232 Serial Port (PC Connectivity, Serial Mouse, Modem, etc.)
IrDA transceiver (Device-Device, Device-PC, Device-Printer, etc.)
Sharp HR-TFT Active Matrix 240x320 (Portrait Mode) Color LCD Panel with
Integrated Touch Screen
Epson SED-1376 (256 Colors) High Speed, Low Power Graphics Controller with
SwivelView 0, 90, 180 and 270 degree Hardware Controlled Rotation and
RS-485 High Speed (to 11Mbit/s!)
Dedicated Developer Serial Port
4 Software Programmable Function Keys
N-Way Cursor Control (Joystick)
Stereo Audio Input/Output Jacks
Mic/Line-In Jack
Mono Speaker & Integrated Microphone (Records Voice Messages, etc.)
Rechargeable Battery Pack w/Wall Adapter
3 Color Center LED Battery State/User Notification Indicator
Approximately 3.6" x 6.5" Palm-Sized Form Factor
Microwindows and NanoX X Window System
Nano-X-Mozilla Browser and Email Client Software

More information on the fully open source MyLinux Pocket Linux Workstation
is available from SourceForge
and Arizona Cooperative Power.

The MyLinux Pocket Linux Workstation Project operates under four guiding

The MyLinux PLW must be a reflection of the needs of the individuals of the
Linux Community because it serves each individual's needs.
The MyLinux PLW must represent the high-end in features and the low-end in
The MyLinux PLW must be and remain 100% completely Open Source.
The MyLinux PLW must be extremely high quality.

MyLinux is a registered trademark of Arizona Cooperative Power, LLC.

Released by: Farli, MyLinux Project Contributor"


Arizona Cooperative Power, LLC
Glendale, Arizona

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