October 13, 2005

MyOSS Community Magazine Edition 6 for download

Guest writes "MyOSS Community Magazine edition 6 available for download at http://mag.my-opensource.org/

This edition brings to you:

Linux Live CDs - Part 2

We carry on from the 1st edition and bring you a rundown of what's available in the Internet and what you can expect from the different live CDs available.

Libraries in GNU/Linux & Other Flavours

Continuing from our first series way in Edition 4 of the Magazine, we conclude this series of articles by teaching you how to implement your own set of personal libraries.

Podcasting in GNU/Linux

Podcasting is nothing new. It's actually an old thing, but nevertheless, it's a refreshing thing for newbies which we bring to you."

Link: mag.my-opensource.org

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