September 1, 2005

MyOSS Magazine Ed 5 available for FREE Download

Guest writes "Latest Edition of MyOSS Magazine - Edition 5 (Chronicles of FaTUX) available for FREE download.

*nix Live CDs Learn more about what are Live CDs and it’s origins. Learn what you can do with it. Learn more about your favourite (or not so favourite) distributions. - Part 1

Design Before Coding Why programmers/developers need to appreciate the need for designing the program on paper(or other means) prior to actual coding.

PythonCard Learn about this simple tool which provides a way for rapid development of GUIs.

Up For Grabs : HackInTheBox Conference Tickets We have 8 Free Tickets to give out. Check out the details in this month’s edition

And More!! * Does it Matter if it’s Free (software)? RX Packets Tips and Tricks

This is a community driven project for the FLOSS community. Made in Malaysia for the Global Community"


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