September 27, 2005

MySQL 5.0 Release Candidate is Here

Anonymous Reader writes "The release candidate of MySQL version 5.0, certainly the most important release in MySQL's history, is now available.

A letter from Kaj Arnö, VP of Community Relations at MySQL, states:

"MySQL 5.0 has new functionality that I hope will be welcomed, adopted, and put to productive use by the community of MySQL users -- you. On the commercial side, MySQL AB is getting a lot of good vibes from new enterprise customers who are beginning to understand the impact MySQL can have on their IT infrastructure and costs of running mission-critical applications.

"The betas of MySQL 5.0 have already been downloaded two million times, and have thus been tested extensively in a lot of different scenarios. From the feedback we get from our community, we know it is already in production use at numerous sites. Go get your own copy at

"Without question, MySQL 5.0 is the most ambitious release to date for MySQL AB. Of course, everything we do at MySQL centers around our three priorities of Performance, Reliability, and Ease of Use. Version 5.0 of MySQL is certainly true to these company-wide imperatives.

"Key new features of MySQL 5.0 come in three groups:

a) ANSI SQL standard features formerly unknown to MySQL
b) ANSI SQL standard compliance of existing MySQL features
c) New MySQL Storage Engines, Tools and Extensions"

To read the full letter, go to events/news/article_959.html"


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