February 6, 2007

MySQL Cookbook 2nd Ed.

James Pyles writes "I had reviewed O'Reilly's Learning MySQL by Tahaghoghi and Williams for
Linux Magazine
(published in Europe and known in the U.S. and Canada as Linux Pro Magazine) and was pondering the difference
between 'Learning' MySQL and having a 'Cookbook' on the same subject by the same publisher. I suppose it's the difference between learning
the basic principles of cooking vs. vastly deepening your repertoire of cooking styles and recipes. To quote from the Linux Magazine review of
Learning MySQL, 'The book is primarily written for readers who "don't know much about deploying and using an actual database-management
To quote from the Introduction of MySQL Cookbook, 'This book should be useful for anybody who uses MySQL...The book should
appeal to people who do not now use MySQL but would like to'

Link: linux-tutorial.info

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