November 15, 2005

MySQL Version 5.0 Downloaded One Million Times

Martha Jager writes "MySQL 5.0 Downloaded One Million Times in First Three Weeks --

Record Interest in the Open Source Database's New Enterprise Features

CUPERTINO, Calif. -- November 14, 2005 -- MySQL AB today reported record interest in the newest version of its popular open source database. MySQL 5.0 has already been downloaded over one million times since its introduction on October 24.

“We have been overwhelmed by the excitement generated around MySQL 5.0 -- including a record-breaking 100,000 downloads in a single day,” said Zack Urlocker, vice president of marketing for MySQL AB. “It is a testament to our large community of users, developers and partners that 5.0 has taken off so swiftly. It’s fantastic that we are also getting lots of new interest from users of other databases, trying out open source and MySQL for the first time.”

The new MySQL 5.0 combines enterprise-grade reliability and performance with advanced SQL 2003 standard-compliant features, making it the most cost-effective database solution for business-critical applications. The product’s new functionality is especially familiar to database developers and DBAs of proprietary relational database systems -- allowing IT departments to ease the integration and transition of their data, applications and skill sets.

"MySQL 5.0 adds major new capabilities to the MySQL database, which we were able to use immediately," said Nick Arnett, director of Business Intelligence Services at Liveworld Inc. "After years of experience with dozens of large MySQL databases for our communities, we chose MySQL 5.0 as the platform for a 500GB data warehouse system and we're seeing reliable high performance. We particularly appreciate two of the new features, views and stored procedures, because they greatly reduce development and maintenance for flexible, secure, high-performance reporting, which is critical for a data warehouse."

For more information about MySQL 5.0, please go to MySQL 5.0 can be downloaded under the open source GPL license at

About MySQL

MySQL AB develops and supports a family of high performance, affordable database products -- including MySQL Network, a comprehensive set of certified software and premium support services. The company's flagship product is MySQL, the world's most popular open source database, with more than 6 million active installations. Many of the world's largest organizations, including Yahoo!, Sabre Holdings, The Associated Press, Suzuki and NASA are realizing significant cost savings by using MySQL to power high-volume Web sites, business-critical enterprise applications and packaged software.

With headquarters in Sweden and the United States -- and operations around the world -- MySQL AB supports both open source values and corporate customers' needs in a profitable, sustainable business. For more information about MySQL, please visit"


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