Nabla on Kubernetes


A while back, we released a demo of the nabla containers runtime, runnc (v0.1). Most recently, we have improved our runtime in several aspects such as better start-up times and memory density. In addition to that (and also the focus of this blogpost), we have implemented Nabla support for kubernetes! In this blog post, we will show a simple local setup of kubernetes using the nabla containers runtime, runnc (v0.2), through containerd via the untrusted workload CRI plugin and pod annotation.

There will be several steps to achieve this on a local machine:

  1. Build and install Nabla runtime runnc
  2. Setup containerd with runnc
  3. Setup a CNI config
  4. Setup a local kubernetes cluster with containerd
  5. Running Nabla on k8s!

Read more at Nabla Containers