April 4, 2001

Napster hearing: Isn't it ironic?

Author: JT Smith

TheStandard has a bit of a different take on the digital music hearings before a U.S. Senate committee. "One day after three of the
five major record labels
announced a deal to license
their music to a new online
company called MusicNet,
representatives of the
recording industry
appearing before a key congressional panel were able to handily
deflect criticism that they were moving too slowly to bring fans
the music they love over the Internet in a legitimate way.

Instead, the criticism that seemed to resonate more with
members of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday had to
do with complaints from artists, headlined by Don Henley and
Alanis Morissette, that the recording industry doesn't
represent their interests and hasn't invited them to the table
during Internet licensing negotiations."

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